Monday, November 23, 2009

Bring it on!!!

I love that we have had such a beautiful fall. We've had a lot of crisp sunny days and only a few soggy ones. Well, you can take the girl out of Montana, but you can't take the Montana out of the girl! (explains things on so many levels, don't it??)

I say bring it on! Let's drop the temperature a good 15 degrees and pile up the snow a good 15 inches. Oh, wait--I live in Oregon where that doesn't happen, or does it? I hope so!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

I told you I would be back in November! I have really been having a fun time while I've not been posting! I coached Middle School volleyball for Corbett this year and it was sooo much fun! The thrill of seeing the improvement of each player is exhilirating! Winning is even better, and yes it does make playing even that much more fun! I have to say that it was super exciting that my team only lost one match and I think they really had a lot of fun!

Here's my Clancy-man playing soccer. He was invited to play by the coach at school when he saw Clancy play in PE. This particular game was so stinkin' cold! Clancy is in the foreground of the pic by the ref. The team was co-ed since we are a small school. He gave it his all the whole season and I'm super proud of him!

Clayton also played fall soccer with David as his coach. I don't have a picture of it, but he did great too!

So today we are out of school for Veteran's day. I was brilliant and six months ago scheduled an orthodontist appointment for 7 am so we wouldn't miss any school. I kept the appointment because I am crazy and I won't have to miss any work to take Clancy there. So much for sleeping in on my day off!!

We had dentist appointments at noon. (we are all about dental health today) After we were done I took the boys to the outlet mall to
see if I could find some jeans that might fit the Skinny Giant. We ended up at Levi's with some 28 x 32 skinny fit jeans! Who knew that jeans even came that skinny? At the check out the boys both spotted these hats! They had so much fun trying them on and they are such fun kids to shop with, (ahem) that I said yes. It was fun to watch them help each other find the one that looks the best. I think they are the cutest things on earth. They remind me of English school boys! Each of them wears it with their own style which is really fun to see. They are both such nice and fun gentlemen!

Ta for now!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The weekend that was

The weekend at the beach that was wonderful!! One afternoon the pelicans were out in the waves and it was fun to watch them.

Here is my crazy boy catching some waves. The surf was pretty big and he caught some pretty good waves. He's braver than I am and impervious to the temp of the water.

Here I am with Clancy and the canine crew. Not only can I not believe that summer is over, but he is taller (he thinks) than me. I'm not ready to concede on being shorter than him yet.
So it's official that summer is over. We already have a week of school under our belts having started on the 31st. This is our busiest time of year with volleyball, soccer, scouts and trying to just be a family. I'll probably check back in some time in November! Till then!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

For Grady, Baby

Here is the latest quilt for my friend's new baby whose name is Grady. I really love that name! Anyway this is just another version of my favorite baby blanket pattern. Click to see the pics bigger.
Here is the back, it's flannel and I pieced the back together along with a cute little square to make the back big enough. Once again it's so nice to be able to give a gift like this to show my love to the recipients. It also perfectly matches his bedroom, which I had no idea!
This week has been rainy and cold. We have still been able to pick blackberries in the morning and the evening and the boys are raking in the cash. It's so good for them to have the resposibility to their customers, so they pick each day to fill the orders that are coming in. Clancy is saving for the family computer and Clayton is stashing his cash for remote control accessories.
Today was the last day of volleyball camp at the school. It was great to see girls who did o.k. last year show up and do great! It's fun to see them mature and figure out how to make their long arms and legs work right. This has made me excited for the season to start which will be in just a couple of weeks!
Summer is winding down fast. The boys are restless and it's all I can do to keep them distracted. I can't say that I'm ready for school to start, though! Cheers!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Alaska all the way

On July 24th we drove to Seattle, where we boarded the Holland American ZanDaam. You see, David's parents celebrate their 50th anniversary this fall and decided to take their children and the children's spouses on a cruise to Alaska! There are five children in the family, so with everyone we were a group of twelve. I don't know if I can begin to describe the fun we had with everyone! I know we all had a great time. Here is a picture of Sheryl, my mother-in-law and myself on a tender going to Sitka.

That was a fun stop. We bought homemade jelly from a girl who is Orthodox Russian. Her family is large (her mom is expecting #12 this summer). They have a great business with their yummy jelly and sell to tourists in their shop and on the sidewalk in front of their house. There is a large Russian contigient in Sitka and there is a beautiful onion-dome church there as well.

Here's what we did lots of....eating! This is close to midnight and we are eating at the Dessert Extravaganza. Pretty much the only thing I worried about the whole trip was getting myself to the next round of food. It was nice to not have to cook for a whole week. It's a good thing we went dancing almost every night! That was a blast! I never thought we would all end up on the dance floor together! Every night we could boogie to "Billie Jean". (ugh)

Here is Glacier Bay. Seeing the glacier is only half of the experience, though. It makes a lot of noise and there is constant movement as the ice is melting and causing small avalanches that you could see and hear. The glacier made lots of noise! It sounded like target practice was going on! It was a beautiful day in the Bay and so much fun to see.

This is from our stop in Ketchikan. We got off the boat and bargained our way onto Sourdough Jack's tour bus. He was great fun and took us all over. Our first stop was to see some eagles in their nest. Then we saw the eagle above in the top of a tree drying its wings after fishing in the ocean. A little farther down the road we stopped to watch two bears fishing along a stream. It was almost like they were planted there for us to see and photograph! We went to a neat totem park. I was really interested in learning more about the native people in Alaska and this was a great place for that. There were also a couple of lectures on the boat that I attended that talked about the native life in Alaska-super interesting!

Thanks to Dana for staying with my kids during the hottest week of the year without any air conditioning!
The biggest thanks goes to Roger and Sheryl for a great vacation! Thanks for being a good example of marriage and the strength of family. As the sun goes down on the last 50 years, there's a lot to look forward to in the next years. Happy Anniversary!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Summer Makeover

While his older brother was in Europe, Clayton and I made over his room. He picked the paint colors, decided on the diagonal pattern and picked the curtain fabric. After a couple of trips to Ikea (thank you very much) the transition was complete. New comforter cover, new artwork--which is sooo Clayton and even a new garbage can--orange of course.

The curtains have an island feel to them. Thanks to the next door neighbor for the bamboo curtain rod!
The artwork is so much fun and we also made a bulletin board that is on the wall next to his bed. All his medals for wrestling and certificates for shooting at cub camp. It's really fun to see how proud he is of his creation. He is even keeping it cleaner than usual. A nice perk that I hadn't anticipated.
Both boys have been to scout camps this summer. David and I went to Alaska, which I will post about later. Summer is flying. I even bought some school supplies today:(
Volleyball starts next week and school is close behind, sigh.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Summer Lovin'!!

Summer is in full swing! I love summer and I tell myself that this year I'm going to sit in my lawn chair, read and drink diet coke. So far, it hasn't happened...This is what's been going on.

Clancy went to Europe for ten days! He had a great time, took great pictures and he's really grumpy when he has jet lag. Here is a great picture of the Louvre in Paris. The picture of him on the Segue was also in Paris. I'm so proud of him for working so hard to earn his way. It was definitely a memorable adventure. While he was gone Clayton and I painted his room and had a lot of fun doing a "make over". He and I also went to the beach with my sis and her girls. We had so much fun, the weather was nice for a couple of the days and typical for a couple of the days! We went to Tillamook, Oceanside and Lincoln City. It's fun to take Lisa and her crew to the beach because they live in Utah and never see it, so it's a huge treat for them.

We've already been floating the river. It's the perfect thing to do when it's so hot outside. Cools you off real quick. Clancy is volunteering at he library one afternoon a week. It's hard to find enough to keep him busy...
My friend, Cheryl, and I found some tables at a yard sale for $2.50 each. We had a painting party and here they are. Cheryl painted hers black and she copied a drawing freehand! She's mighty talented! Mine is the red one with the stars. I traced a stencil for the stars and then masked them off with tape. Pretty lame compared to what Cheryl can do!

The Fourth was a lot of fun. Dave and Clayton were in the parade again! We had about 15 people here to watch it and it was fun to visit beforehand. In the afternoon we were all too hot so we took a dip in the river. It was so refreshing! Finally, we went to fireworks at the school. It's really the best show I've ever watched! It's hard to believe it, but this little town puts on a great show.

Yesterday we celebrated Gma Lovell's 94th birthday! She is such a great woman and still has some spunk. I'm thankful to have her in my life.

There's still much to do for the rest of the summer. Boy Scout camp, Day Camp, Paul family reunion and then the long days of August...

Friday, May 29, 2009

something I threw together

I've wanted to do a red, black and white quilt for a long time and here is one. I also wanted to do the pattern which is Triangle Tango. It's really not difficult and it was a neat technique to learn. I really thought the red, black, white quilt that I've wanted to make would go in my room. This one is for my friend, Brooke. She is the culinary arts teacher at school and a friend. She is leaving for Western Asia with the Peace Corps. I think she has made a courageous decision to leave all that is comfortable here to pursue something she feels so strongly about. The Corbett colors just happen to be red, black and white (go Cards!!) and some of the prints are specific to her; the beaters because she works in the kitchen, soccer because she coaches, exclamation points because she never shuts up!! The other side of the quilt was donated by staff members and I just put it together and gave it to her for her birthday. I've said it before, but giving handmade gifts is a great way to show love! I'll miss you Brooke!! Good luck...
I'm home alone because the guys are at a father-son campout with church. I should probably be going out and having fun with friends, but I'm going to make a chocolate milk shake and watch a movie or just read. Ahhh, there's nothing like having the house to yourself!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Time to Brag

Here's my sharp man in black! Doesn't he look good? He performed in a music festival at Warner-Pacific college on Friday. He plays the oboe and he does quite well. All of the schools at the festival were the same size-about 150 students in the middle/junior high schools. All the other schools had about 12 or 15 band members, but Corbett has 50--that's right, 1/3 of the school are band geeks! But it's cool to be a band geek in Corbett, even in High School. I think I have lots more festivals in my future.
Saturday was a gorgeous day and I cant think of a better way to spend an hour than watching a soccer game! Clayton is really getting the hang of the game and really enjoying himself. What a great action shot this turned out to be!!
I always have the best Mother's day and each year I say that this one is the best ever!! It's really true though, because my guys are sooo good to me! Breakfast in bed, sweet gifts, yummy dinner and lots of love. What more could I ask for? Thanks guys. You're the ones who give meaning to my life, I couldn't ask for better kids (except when you hit each other in the store)!! Love you guys!! Kisses

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sweet elephants

Here is the latest quilt that I finished. It's for one of the teachers at work who is expecting in a couple of weeks. It's a boy and she (the mom) loves orange. I think this is my new favorite baby pattern to make because the pieces are big so putting it together is relatively easy. So here's the front. (click to big it) Here's the back. Who doesn't love elephants on flannel? I pieced together a section because the fabric wasn't wide enough and I didn't have any extra elephant fabric. I like how it turned out.
Here's a close up of the elephants...

I always get nervous when I make something and give it for a gift. What if they don't like what I picked out? What if they don't like the design? What if ....I could just drive myself crazy with all the possibilities. My friend really liked the quilt. Even one of the male teachers said "wow". It's fun to be able to share talents with other people, I think it's one of the nicest ways to show love. Hasta!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

This and that

It's weird how when you haven't blogged and you feel like you should but you feel guilty that you didn't so then you don't and it just goes round and round like that...

So David was gone last week and I coached his soccer team for him. It was fun and it didn't rain on us. I like coaching volleyball better because there isn't any running involved. I'm glad Dave made it back by Saturday for the game which they won 5-1.

Spring has sprung and I love how everything is beautiful and green again. I'm even glad for all the work that I have to do outside. We really were cooped up this winter. The goats love spring too. I happened to come home for lunch one day last week and there were Doublestuff and Marshall munching on the lilac tree and other plants in the front yard!! It ended up being short of a rodeo, but I hustled them up to the pasture. When I came home after work, guess what??? That's right, goats in the yard again!! I think the fence is repaired now and the goats have been chastized!

Clancy had a big week this last week. The middle school went to the beach for an overnight field trip. That's right folks, 150 7/8 graders with their raging hormones spending the night away from home! Since I've been on a couple of these field trips I know that it's well-chaperoned. The kids had fun in the tide pools and had lessons by a park ranger-type person. Then they all rode in the ocean in an Indian style canoe. Everyone came home very tired and sunburned. On Friday Clancy packed up again and went on a scout trip to do the pioneering merit badge. They made it home late last evening, but with another badge for his sash!! Then he had to speak in church today about the blessings of the sabbath. We got to church and right before the first song started he came over to me all panicked and said "I left my talk at home, so I think I'll tell them to cancel me" He's a smart kid, so I wrote 5 words down to help him remember his talk and he aced it!! I'm so proud of him for pulling it through!

I have a new calling at church. I'm the Laurel advisor! I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to have a change! I'll miss my cubs, but I'm not so sure they'll miss me! Have a great week. Cheers!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I can never get my pictures the way I want them... Why is Clayton in first place you might ask? You'll have to scroll down to the last picture to find out!
I love this picture. This is the smallest house that we've owned. I wondered how it would be being together all the time (what a brat I was). It's nice to see these guys being this close together and not hurting each other. Having a smaller living space has been a boon to our family. It's a joy to be together and be a family!!

Here's our guy!! He has participated in a wrestling camp at school that the varsity team puts on for the elementary kids. This is Clayton's fourth year participating and the fourth year that he has won 1st for his weight class. He's in the green shirt above. It has been really fun to watch him since kindergarten. He really improves each year with his skills and moves. This year he really understood how to use his own body weight to win points. He hasn't pinned anyone, but he always wins by a large margin of points. I'm a proud mama!

I feel unfocused and uncentered lately. I can't put a finger on what my problem is, but I don't have a ton of ooomph. David mentioned that we have more daylight and I should be feeling energized! Maybe it's the idea of all the work that needs to be done during the daylight!!
It's spring break and we were all so ready for the break. We have a few things to do here and around town the next couple of days and then the boys and I are off to the beach for the rest of the week! I'm excited to go and have a change of scenery.
I'm in the throes of making baby gifts again, so I'll have some pictures to post about that soon. I love making baby quilts just because they come together so quickly and I can make them cutesy or fun and funky!
Have a great spring break!! Cheers!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Does this make by butt look big???

I'm seriously glad that I am not a goose! The two large orbs above are goose eggs while the blue and brown ones are chicken eggs. The top one just gives a reference point to the diet coke can. David wanted to get geese last spring. He ordered them from the farm store. Geese can be pretty nasty unless you let them imprint on you while they are young. To encourage the imprinting, our baby geese lived in the bath tub for a month or so. Baby geese are seriously cute!! The geese have grown a lot and one was killed by a savage animal this winter. We didn't know if we had the male or female left. I noticed over the weekend that the goose's beak was rather red, hmmmm....Then this morning I found these two eggs in the chicken coop in a small nesting area of straw! I was so excited! It really made my day that the goose has finally laid eggs. I'm a farm geek now, I guess.

What else has been happening? My parents came for a visit. It was nice because they stayed longer than they generally are able to. The boys really enjoyed spending some time with them. While they were here, Dad celebrated his one year anniversary of his heart surgery. Thank goodness for technology!! I'm glad you're still here, Dad!

The kids have had a lot of fun activities. Clancy had a Valentine's dance at school. Guess who won the dance-off at the dance???? That's right, Clancy the dancing machine!! He's still pretty excited about it. He was funny because before the dance he decided it was time to shave off the 14 hairs on his lip! I tried to take pictures, but he wasn't very cooperative! How funny to see him care about his appearance now.

Clayton is gearing up for wrestling next week. It's his fave sport and he's pretty good at it too. He had a Music program at school last week and had a speaking part. He nailed it! No dancing for him, though!

We are cleaning up the carnage of the wind storm. We had 8 trees come down in the storm. It seems like no matter how much we work outside, we will never catch up. I remember feeling this way when we first moved here, and we did get it all cleared away! I have to remember that.

That's all for now. Take care. Cheers!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Holy Big Feet, Batman!!!

He'll be 13 next Saturday and these are size 10 1/2!! That's bigger than his dad's feet. I'll be surprised if he isn't taller than me this summer...All this to go with the big attitude, right? I sure love this guy!

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year Stuff

I thought if I just write it down then maybe I would feel more compelled to accomplish some yearly goals.

1. Be more fiscally responsible. Buy what I need vs. what I want. This will be hard in the fabric and fiber arena, but I will use what I have first.

2. Be a better mom. Why do I think more volume will help my kids understand what I'm trying to say to them? Quiet words can have a great impact.

3. Be a better wife. There's not enough room here to list how I can improve in this area...

4. Be kinder to my body. Not eating gluten has been great for me. Now about the extra weight I'm carrying around. Some exercise would do wonders and so would laying off the sugar.

That's it. I can do a reasonable job with a smaller list. I'll check in next year and see how I fared.