Monday, November 17, 2008

First dance, second hat and third handspun

Here is my third yarn that I have made. I think I might make a beret style hat for myself out of it. It's pretty small, fingering weight and took a while. I learned a lot about spinning smaller yarn. I think I'm going to continue to learn every time I start a new project.

Here's the second hat with my second handspun. I really love how the yarn turned out and the hat turned out well too. I think the kid wearing it is turning out alright as well. He had his first middle school dance on Friday after school. I stayed and spied on him. The dance started out as any middle school dance does with the boys on one side of the room and the girls on the other. Then groups of girls started dancing so groups of boys started "dancing"--I'm still not sure what they were doing, but at least they weren't just standing around. Then there was a snow ball dance and one of the cool volleyball girls picked Clancy. He had about three picks of his own to make until the song was over. After that everyone just danced in a huge group in the middle and really had fun. Clancy is quite a hit with the vb girls which is really good for his self-esteem. I loved watching him. He's pretty comfortable doing his own thing without seeking approval from everyone else. (he dances like his dad, but at least they both will dance!)
The mighty hunter went looking for elk and came home empty-handed. It's just the way things go sometimes. We have had beautiful weather with lots of sunshine. I really love it. I don't mind the rain so much when we have the sun in between. I think that's it. Probably not the most exciting post for my bros to read, but maybe I'll knit you a hat! Cheers!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Rosy cheeks and creamsicle hats

For my guy whose fave color is orange...This is my first handspun yarn and I have to say that I'm kind of impressed that everything worked out the way that I planned. Now the weather needs to cool off so he can wear it!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Pirates and Skeletons, Oh My!!

For the second time in my costume-making career I didn't make costumes for my kids this year. I feel no guilt and don't feel like less of a mother for the experience. Big C decided at the last minute to go trick-or-treating and a pirate costume was easy to put together with some of the stuff from last year's Indiana Jones costume.
Little C wanted to be a gorilla, but when he found the skeleton costume, his mind was made up. I love how it makes him look knock-kneed!

I didn't have to encourage this picture, it pretty much happens naturally when they stand next to each other! They really hauled in the candy and had a great spook night. Hope you did too. Ta!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

What's in your outhouse?

I bought this cabinet a couple of years ago at a garage sale and was super excited about it. My bubble nearly burst when I showed it to my dear hubby and he said "Whatcha gonna do with an outhouse?" I wanted to say that I would stuff him in it and flush! We all call it the outhouse now. It has become home to all my fabric and fabric-related miscellany. Until a couple of weeks ago it was a disaster, but now it is a thing of beauty! Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Outhouse!!

I even got all crazy and organized the fabric by color with all the flannel on the second shelf under the reds. The baskets have a bunch of goodies and special fabrics. I keep opening it just to see how pretty it all is! The two blocks on the door are for little C's quilt. He really wanted the orange to POP and I think he nailed it! If this seems like a crazy thing to be excited about, think about organizing your drill bits or whatever...Now you know what's in my out house! Ciao