Monday, February 27, 2006

I have a confession to make...

I think I am bored with knitting...There I said it and it's out in the open!! This is so sad because knitting is such an escape for me, and because I am a knitting instructor at a craft store. I have been exploring some of the other crafts that I enjoy, sewing and needlework, and just feel like maybe I need to spend some time working on those. I won't put my knitting away forever though. I have to finish the vest and hat for my hubby and I have numerous socks that I want to complete. I didn't even mention the small stash of yarn that would haunt my conscience if I decided to never knit again. I have yarn for two sweaters, some small felted projects and a bunch of miscellaneous yarns that I picked up at the Knit Picks sale last spring. I think it is just time for change. Now that the weather is changing I will need to spend more and more time outside working, which is something I love to do. I keep asking myself if I'm copping out on something that I've worked hard to master. It seems to me that I need to broaden my horizons right now and follow my interests to see where they will take me. I have met some truly amazing people through this whole knitting adventure, people who have truly enriched my life and made me want to be a better person. I really think that is what life is all about: taking from your life experiences and using all those moments to become a better person...I'll see you at the fabric and needle shops next!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Kids and what they say

So our school is having a food/clothing drive for Katrina victims. Our youngest decided that he wanted to make/knit hats for these unfortunate people. I whipped out my Knifty Knitter and he was on his way. Of course, older brother decided that he wanted to join in the effort so I whipped out my other size of KK and he was on his way too. They are making great progress and I'm so proud of them. I teach knitting so I'm glad that my children have an interest in this too. So one day after school, the boys are watching a tv program and working on their hats. The youngest leans toward the oldest and says in the cutest voice.."We look like girls!" The oldest was not impressed and threatened to quit until I assured him that boys can knit too. (all the while casting the evil eye at their father to say otherwise). This is my favorite story of my kids right now. I love that they want to help and do their best. The little guy took a bag full of canned goods, toys and hats of his own doing. The bag was so heavy I carried it down to the bus for him and helped get on the bus.

One other funny kid story...We moved out here about 15 months ago from the city. As we cleaned up the house and yard to sell that house we made a trip to the dump. The kids had never been there before (maybe that's why we had such a large load?) As we were unloading our junk, the boys were overcome by the smell of the place-not too pleasant. The youngest once again with great wit and charm said "It smells like chicken!" I love this!! When in doubt just blame the chicken...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Maiden Voyage

Here is my first entry into blog land. I would so love for it to be something wonderful and genius, but no such luck. I need to get dinner on the table so we can go look at vaccuums tonight. Wow, that really sucks!! More later, Cami