Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a croc!

What's not to love about red maryjanes? The fact that they are made out of plastic is weird, but they are oh, so stylin', right? Clayton's fav color is orange. When they were new these babies glowed! They were so bright. Clancy's favorite color is blue. These are definitely his fashion style, understated and match anything. I really love this pic!
So, I have not figured out how to post pics where I want them. I think you can follow though. The top and bottom ones are on a tour boat in Montana on the Missouri River. It's a great ride through what is known as the Gates of the Mountains. It's an optical illusion that makes the mountainous cliffs look like gates that are closing behind you or opening in front of you. It is cool to be there and think that this is where Lewis and Clark were so many years ago. The boat guide is a retired teacher and very cool, he let the boys pilot the boat on the way back to the dock. It was a big highlight for them.
The other two pics are the second day we were home. I found some hay for our animals on Monday and we went to the field to pick it up. Dave's allergies were so bad that the boys and I took the hay up to the barn on Tuesday. It's so much more fun to work with the "farm equipment" for the boys. It's good to have that all taken care of though.
We're off the the orthodontist, the library and wherever else I can make the mighty truck go! Ciao babe...

Back in the saddle

Coming back from vacation is always hard for me. We have sooo much fun, stay up too late and then have a ton to do when we come home. We had a great time at my family reunion. My brother and his wife were stuck with hosting the crew this time. They did a great job of showing us a fun time. I think the quotable quotes of the trip were the lady at the bowling alley saying how entertaining it was to watch us bowl and when Jared came upstairs after bedtime with a CareBear and Jason said, "Jared, why do you have a CareBear in your pants" without laughing. Try it some time, it's impossible not to laugh.

I can't find the USB cable or I would share some pics from the trip. We've been mowing/hauling hay/weeding/alpaca shearing since we've been back. No wonder I never want to get out of bed in the morning?! Well I'd better change out of my pj's and get moving on this day. Ta!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New York: It's a Zoo Out There

I still haven't figured out how to post pictures and text...oh well!! The DC/NY trip was so fun and so full of details and events that I'll just say that I'm glad that I live in a tiny little burg in Oregon! In DC we went to the White house, the capitol, the Holocaust museum and all the various war memorials. We ate one day in Union Station which is a really beautiful place! In NY we went to Central Park, The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero. We saw Legally Blond on Broadway which was a real treat. Another thing I really loved was haggling with the street vendors. I bought the zebra bag from the funniest guy who drove a hard bargain, but relented to the country bumkin from Oregon (his exact words)! The hustle and bustle were a little overwhelming at times. In fact I had people get angry with me for being too slow getting my money out or put away at lunch. Who knew? I much prefer the slower life this side of the Rocky Mountains.
I sure missed my guys. They went camping in Wallowa and I'm pretty sure they had more fun than I did. In these pictures they are packaging up the newborn kits. They are finally complete! It was fun to listen to their comments as we bagged things up. They couldn't imagine not having such a simple thing as soap to wash your baby. They talked about how many blankets both of them had as a newborn and what they have now. I think this project has made the impact I was hoping for.
We are off to Montana and Idaho next week. It's going to be a lot of fun seeing family and relaxing for all of us. After that we are just going to chill here on the farm, go to the beach and enjoy the rest of the summer! Cheers!