Saturday, April 15, 2006

So here a a couple of pics of the ducks taking a bath in the kitchen sink. They really loved it this time. I think now that David has watched the boys and how happy and excited they are that he has somewhat forgiven me for buying more animals after we agreed to wait till next spring to have ducks. Things are just ducky now!!

We went to an egg hunt at a farm not far from here and we got soaked through!! Happy Easter in Oregon!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Ducky Days

Things are just ducky around here lately. Here is Brownie and Spotty the newest residents in our laundry room. They are so darn cute. We let them go swimming in the kitchen sink this afternoon and they really liked it. The boys laughed so hard! I figure we might as well try out every farm animal that is small that I can haul in my car! It's just too much fun so far!!

Our big goat Spike broke his leg while trying to jump the fence the other night-the punk!! Well, we decided to splint it with some aluminium and duct tape--a vet's fee would be $250 or so to come on out. We called to see how long he should be splinted and it's 8-10 weeks!! Oh dear.

Well, Happy Easter! Ours will be soggy and cold so we will hopefully relax and enjoy.