Sunday, April 26, 2009

This and that

It's weird how when you haven't blogged and you feel like you should but you feel guilty that you didn't so then you don't and it just goes round and round like that...

So David was gone last week and I coached his soccer team for him. It was fun and it didn't rain on us. I like coaching volleyball better because there isn't any running involved. I'm glad Dave made it back by Saturday for the game which they won 5-1.

Spring has sprung and I love how everything is beautiful and green again. I'm even glad for all the work that I have to do outside. We really were cooped up this winter. The goats love spring too. I happened to come home for lunch one day last week and there were Doublestuff and Marshall munching on the lilac tree and other plants in the front yard!! It ended up being short of a rodeo, but I hustled them up to the pasture. When I came home after work, guess what??? That's right, goats in the yard again!! I think the fence is repaired now and the goats have been chastized!

Clancy had a big week this last week. The middle school went to the beach for an overnight field trip. That's right folks, 150 7/8 graders with their raging hormones spending the night away from home! Since I've been on a couple of these field trips I know that it's well-chaperoned. The kids had fun in the tide pools and had lessons by a park ranger-type person. Then they all rode in the ocean in an Indian style canoe. Everyone came home very tired and sunburned. On Friday Clancy packed up again and went on a scout trip to do the pioneering merit badge. They made it home late last evening, but with another badge for his sash!! Then he had to speak in church today about the blessings of the sabbath. We got to church and right before the first song started he came over to me all panicked and said "I left my talk at home, so I think I'll tell them to cancel me" He's a smart kid, so I wrote 5 words down to help him remember his talk and he aced it!! I'm so proud of him for pulling it through!

I have a new calling at church. I'm the Laurel advisor! I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to have a change! I'll miss my cubs, but I'm not so sure they'll miss me! Have a great week. Cheers!