Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Does this make by butt look big???

I'm seriously glad that I am not a goose! The two large orbs above are goose eggs while the blue and brown ones are chicken eggs. The top one just gives a reference point to the diet coke can. David wanted to get geese last spring. He ordered them from the farm store. Geese can be pretty nasty unless you let them imprint on you while they are young. To encourage the imprinting, our baby geese lived in the bath tub for a month or so. Baby geese are seriously cute!! The geese have grown a lot and one was killed by a savage animal this winter. We didn't know if we had the male or female left. I noticed over the weekend that the goose's beak was rather red, hmmmm....Then this morning I found these two eggs in the chicken coop in a small nesting area of straw! I was so excited! It really made my day that the goose has finally laid eggs. I'm a farm geek now, I guess.

What else has been happening? My parents came for a visit. It was nice because they stayed longer than they generally are able to. The boys really enjoyed spending some time with them. While they were here, Dad celebrated his one year anniversary of his heart surgery. Thank goodness for technology!! I'm glad you're still here, Dad!

The kids have had a lot of fun activities. Clancy had a Valentine's dance at school. Guess who won the dance-off at the dance???? That's right, Clancy the dancing machine!! He's still pretty excited about it. He was funny because before the dance he decided it was time to shave off the 14 hairs on his lip! I tried to take pictures, but he wasn't very cooperative! How funny to see him care about his appearance now.

Clayton is gearing up for wrestling next week. It's his fave sport and he's pretty good at it too. He had a Music program at school last week and had a speaking part. He nailed it! No dancing for him, though!

We are cleaning up the carnage of the wind storm. We had 8 trees come down in the storm. It seems like no matter how much we work outside, we will never catch up. I remember feeling this way when we first moved here, and we did get it all cleared away! I have to remember that.

That's all for now. Take care. Cheers!!