Monday, August 03, 2009

Summer Makeover

While his older brother was in Europe, Clayton and I made over his room. He picked the paint colors, decided on the diagonal pattern and picked the curtain fabric. After a couple of trips to Ikea (thank you very much) the transition was complete. New comforter cover, new artwork--which is sooo Clayton and even a new garbage can--orange of course.

The curtains have an island feel to them. Thanks to the next door neighbor for the bamboo curtain rod!
The artwork is so much fun and we also made a bulletin board that is on the wall next to his bed. All his medals for wrestling and certificates for shooting at cub camp. It's really fun to see how proud he is of his creation. He is even keeping it cleaner than usual. A nice perk that I hadn't anticipated.
Both boys have been to scout camps this summer. David and I went to Alaska, which I will post about later. Summer is flying. I even bought some school supplies today:(
Volleyball starts next week and school is close behind, sigh.


troutdalites said...

what? ALASKA?! can't wait to hear about it!

Love the colors Clayton. And the wall artwork. and the awards. How fun to have Hick Momma all to yourself. What a great project!

Amanda D said...

The bedroom looks AWESOME. I love Ikea too. I'm planning a trip there soon.

So...who plays volleyball?

crack'n up ourselves said...

Want to come help me make over Jared's room next? Looks great!