Monday, March 23, 2009


I can never get my pictures the way I want them... Why is Clayton in first place you might ask? You'll have to scroll down to the last picture to find out!
I love this picture. This is the smallest house that we've owned. I wondered how it would be being together all the time (what a brat I was). It's nice to see these guys being this close together and not hurting each other. Having a smaller living space has been a boon to our family. It's a joy to be together and be a family!!

Here's our guy!! He has participated in a wrestling camp at school that the varsity team puts on for the elementary kids. This is Clayton's fourth year participating and the fourth year that he has won 1st for his weight class. He's in the green shirt above. It has been really fun to watch him since kindergarten. He really improves each year with his skills and moves. This year he really understood how to use his own body weight to win points. He hasn't pinned anyone, but he always wins by a large margin of points. I'm a proud mama!

I feel unfocused and uncentered lately. I can't put a finger on what my problem is, but I don't have a ton of ooomph. David mentioned that we have more daylight and I should be feeling energized! Maybe it's the idea of all the work that needs to be done during the daylight!!
It's spring break and we were all so ready for the break. We have a few things to do here and around town the next couple of days and then the boys and I are off to the beach for the rest of the week! I'm excited to go and have a change of scenery.
I'm in the throes of making baby gifts again, so I'll have some pictures to post about that soon. I love making baby quilts just because they come together so quickly and I can make them cutesy or fun and funky!
Have a great spring break!! Cheers!


DMP said...

I read the post. Good looking boys. DMP

troutdalites said...

love the pic of DMP by his comment! love the pic of the boys in the chair together! love, but jealous, of the fact you're at the beach now : ) can't wait to see you's been a hyperfocused month over here and I'm ready for a break. I put some wool gloves in my van for you...perfect for early a.m. chill on the farm. happy beaching

Julie said...

It's the mound of work looming. Us working gals only have so much energy, and the thought of all the things I should be squeezing into the hour after school and before dinner just paralyzes me. I usually end up eating chocolate chips and flipping through a magazine. Dana is my witness.

jacquie said...

you asked about the size of my circle quilt...the circles are 16 inches in diameter. pretty easy to piece when they are that big!

Elder Cameron Homer said...


I think the uncentered or unfocused bit has to do with not hanging out with your favorite (and only) sister. I think the girls and I will come out in June and hang out with you. I will let you know or if you need to come this direction the guest room is ready. Those boys just keep getting bigger, enjoy them while you can. Love you Lisa