Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

I told you I would be back in November! I have really been having a fun time while I've not been posting! I coached Middle School volleyball for Corbett this year and it was sooo much fun! The thrill of seeing the improvement of each player is exhilirating! Winning is even better, and yes it does make playing even that much more fun! I have to say that it was super exciting that my team only lost one match and I think they really had a lot of fun!

Here's my Clancy-man playing soccer. He was invited to play by the coach at school when he saw Clancy play in PE. This particular game was so stinkin' cold! Clancy is in the foreground of the pic by the ref. The team was co-ed since we are a small school. He gave it his all the whole season and I'm super proud of him!

Clayton also played fall soccer with David as his coach. I don't have a picture of it, but he did great too!

So today we are out of school for Veteran's day. I was brilliant and six months ago scheduled an orthodontist appointment for 7 am so we wouldn't miss any school. I kept the appointment because I am crazy and I won't have to miss any work to take Clancy there. So much for sleeping in on my day off!!

We had dentist appointments at noon. (we are all about dental health today) After we were done I took the boys to the outlet mall to
see if I could find some jeans that might fit the Skinny Giant. We ended up at Levi's with some 28 x 32 skinny fit jeans! Who knew that jeans even came that skinny? At the check out the boys both spotted these hats! They had so much fun trying them on and they are such fun kids to shop with, (ahem) that I said yes. It was fun to watch them help each other find the one that looks the best. I think they are the cutest things on earth. They remind me of English school boys! Each of them wears it with their own style which is really fun to see. They are both such nice and fun gentlemen!

Ta for now!


crack'n up ourselves said...

They are both so grown up looking!

Julie Heugly said...

I cannot believe how much they have grown up. Wow~ I am trying to get Savannah interested in Volleyball...I want her to try out next year, maybe you could teach her a few things!

Anonymous said...

I love the hat pics! The guys look great, and the fact that they are FRIENDS, priceless! missed you : )

DMP said...

Nice upbeat post. Good looking boys.

Carly said...

I really do love those boys, skinny jeans, school boy hats, and all. We really miss you guys!