Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year Stuff

I thought if I just write it down then maybe I would feel more compelled to accomplish some yearly goals.

1. Be more fiscally responsible. Buy what I need vs. what I want. This will be hard in the fabric and fiber arena, but I will use what I have first.

2. Be a better mom. Why do I think more volume will help my kids understand what I'm trying to say to them? Quiet words can have a great impact.

3. Be a better wife. There's not enough room here to list how I can improve in this area...

4. Be kinder to my body. Not eating gluten has been great for me. Now about the extra weight I'm carrying around. Some exercise would do wonders and so would laying off the sugar.

That's it. I can do a reasonable job with a smaller list. I'll check in next year and see how I fared.


DMP said...

You'll do a great job either way. Love You - DMP

troutdalites said...

Sounds like an awesome plan. My resolution is to hang with Hick Momma to get my inprovements!

Julie said...

I think I'll use your list too!