Monday, December 22, 2008

You live in Oregon if...

You are snowed in during the month of December with only 18" snow. Granted we have received most of it in less than a week, but it still makes me giggle. This is a great picture of the shop in the snow and some of the drifting that we have going on. Some are really impressive.
Our neighbor came over and plowed us out with his tractor. David had taken the truck out to see if could get out, but couldn't make it back up the drive. We might be able to make it to town tomorrow if we don't have freezing rain. There's just no reason to go anywhere with all the stinkin' ice. In this picture you can see an orange topped figure. That would be little C who is snow boarding down that drift. He has had a blast playing in the snow. The wind should be calm tomorrow, so I think we will venture out and sled. We have enough big drifts that we won't have to leave our property.
You might ask yourself what one does while snowed in? Besides taking water to the animals and clearing snow away from doors, we have been watching all the free family movies on Comcast. On Saturday we watched the complete trilogy of Back To the Future. AMAZING!! I'm sure it makes you wish you could be snowed in as well... if only you could be so lucky! Well, I'm off to find a wayward retainer. Ta!!

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troutdalites said...

loved to see what it's like up there. Hope you've much time to spin after the chores and sledding. We're venturing out for deliveries, errands and mom visit today. Have a great Christmas!