Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's always a party here....

I love how sparkly everything looks when it's out of focus! The guys brought home the perfect tree on Saturday--tall and slender. We decorated on Monday and now we are anxiously waiting for the big day to arrive! We have only been to school on Tuesday this week, church was even cancelled because of snow and ice. It makes sense only if you live here. Because it snows so seldom, nobody knows how to handle driving in it. But after growing up in Montana it seems pretty wimpy.
Here's some good-looking logger guy who hangs out in my living room in the evenings. He's even better in focus!! (Maybe that will learn ya to call me a blogging slacker)

Here is a great picture of big C on little C's birthday gift with a friend of ours. I love how messy the room looks! It's just lots of birthday festivity!!
I love seeing the snow outside, it makes it really seem like winter to me. I hope you're enjoying yours! Cheers, babe!


troutdalites said...

I'm thinkin' the logger looks kinda like a terrorist?!

crack'n up ourselves said...

Yule tide greetings. I didn't know you grew up in Montana. So did I! What part are you from?

I think that the big question from the picture of Big C is this....Who got the Nacho Libre DVD????? That is an all time classic, only to be seen at the holidays. And, if you want to spice up things a little, be sure you watch it with mom and dad! Good times, good times....wait, maybe that's why they are going to our other sibling's place for Christmas.

crack'n up ourselves said...

Okay, so talking about the LDS Parent of the Year....our family has a tradition that on Thanksgiving night, we watch a movie...generally a Christmas type of movie to get us into the festive mood.

So, this year, ma and pa were out to visit, and the movie ShortWoman picked out was...A Christmas Story. You know, the one with the Red Rider BB gun, and approximately 578 swear words. I actually watched that movie in one of my elementary school classes, so I didn't think there would be a bunch of swearing. Then, I remembered where I was raised, and thought, "Oh crap, we are in trouble." Mom wasn't impressed.

In the immortal words of Nacho...."GET THAT CORN OUT OF MY FACE!!!"