Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Winter Break Quick List

1. Missed the week of school before the break.

2. It snowed.

3. Ran around house maniacally looking for hubby's gifts. I couldn't find them anywhere.

4. Knit some baby booties.

5. Asked the boys if I had them hide Dad's gifts. They looked at me like I was crazy and pulled them out from under their beds--already wrapped. We had wrapped them together!! Argh, I do this every year.

6. It snowed-a lot.

7. Enjoyed being snowed in. Nothing says time with family like watching the Back To The Future trilogy in one day!

8. Made cinnamon rolls.

9. Saw some family.

10. Made some rockin' candied citrus peel! Seriously good stuff!

11. Did I mention that it snowed?

12. Went sledding with the kids.

13. Loved time with my family where we didn't have a schedule to keep.

14. Missed seeing my siblings.

15. Surprisingly had the power on the whole time!

16. Did some more knitting. (see #7)

17. Loved watching the lads love their Christmas gifts.

It has been a great break. I think we are going to try and brave the big city today. Little C is going to the skate park and Big C has a gift card to Powells Books. I'm looking forward to our outing. Ciao!

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