Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Baby

Today is our 18th anniversary! It's pretty exciting to me, I've been married almost half my life. I have to say that we have had some pretty rough patches, but I think that sticking it out has made our relationship what it is today. I think there is a lot to say about friendship and the familiarity that comes after 18 years of being together. Our evening wasn't all glitz and glamour. We had friends over for dinner and David changed the brakes on their car. Isn't that what it's all about though? Being together and helping other people?

Last night I was thinking about marriages. I thought of my friend who is a widow at age 37. I also thought of my friend who left her husband this morning to move to California-alone. I don't think we get married and envision either one of these scenarios, but they certainly are real, aren't they. I am really grateful for my marriage and all the rough patches and great patches that make our relationship what it is today. I'm thankful that my hubby isn't so shallow that he still appreciates me-even when I'm chubby and hanging out in my Carhartts with a do-rag on my head. Yeah, it's sexy, baby!!

So here's to you Dear Hubby!! I'm signing up for another 18 years!


Anonymous said...

Why do your posts always bring tears to my eyes? Our dear friends did, also, I think. The later texted that she made it to grandma's safely by yesterday eve. We'll miss her stockings/wild boots/toes/shoes/tatoo! She's so lucky to have a stocking/boots/scouts friend in you. Happy Anniversary a day late!

DMP said...

Whoa - that was pretty darn nice. I am going to have get my butt in gear to blog a response. Love Ya - DMP