Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's fall here at the farm. My flowers are so happy to have a reprieve from the heat and to have it rain so they can have a drink. I am having a nesting kind of day--sitting around and taking it easy for a change. I can only be turbo for so long. I am finishing my first real quilt today! I have had the fabric for years and it feels so good to see a finished project. It's a lot of flannel that I bought on sale at various quilt stores. I was going to originally make rag quilts for the kids, but it's been long enough now that it's not what I want. I'll have to take a picture and post it later.

Life is life and we are all doing o.k. here. School is well under way and the kids are doing great. We've had friends over a few times and that is just so fun. Halloween is on deck and I have one costume done. I will have to work on the other one this weekend. I love making costumes for these guys. I think I'd better tackle laundry before it overtakes us all....

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