Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Counting down...

I find it rather ironic that I am posting at the very end of summer. It is a cold and rainy day. We are all feeling a bit bored and not wanting to do anything that requires energy. The oldest C has a cold and Little C is just happy hanging out and doing crafts. We are getting ready for a garage sale with our neighbor, so he is also cleaning out his room and preparing to sell all that he hasn't played with in a while. I managed to clean out the craft closet and I feel sooo much lighter now.

The picture at the top is me with my mom and sister. I had the great experience of hosting my family for 5 days for our family reunion. It was at the end of June and sooo much fun. I just couldn't ask for a better family (if I did it probably wouldn't happen anyway).

School starts in about 7 days and we are all ready for it. The boys really need to keep busy and I'm craving some time alone in the house and having the house stay clean on a regular basis. I'm also so sad about school starting just because it is fun to be with these guys. They will never be these ages again and sometimes it feels like time is slipping like sand through my fingers. They just grow up so fast. I sure love, love, love them!!

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DMP said...

The circle of life and growing up continues to roll on.