Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's the way we roll

We are making newborn kits for a Humanitarian aid project at church. We decided as a family that each of us could make a kit. Here are the guys sewing their receiving blankets. They each picked out their own fabric. I think they are having fun with it. Cloth diapers are next...

This quilt is going to our friends who are moving back to India. I thought a Cowboy/Western/Americana theme would be a great souvenir from their years spent in America.

I asked the boys to move some rounds of wood from the tree David fell last year and here they are, farming it kid style! I love how innovative they can be. The wagon has bark on it. Whew, I hope they used enough chains!! This is how they spent part of the first day of summer break. They also mucked out the chicken coop and cleaned the nesting boxes. I have to harness their willingness to help whenever I can! They leave in the morning to camp with dad in Wallowa. They are so excited about this...maybe that's why they are so willing to help?

That's it for about a week. I'll post again when I am back from the east coast. I'm pretty excited about going. Have a great week! Ta!


DMP said...

Nice post. Looks like things are really busy around that place. Love Ya. DMP

crack'n up ourselves said...

Could we borrow your boys for a week or so?