Sunday, March 26, 2006

First I have to say thanks to my superb best friend, David, for putting up with me and my horrible, sleep deprived, pms and depressed self. I love you so much and appreciate all your support during stressful times.

I've decided to needlepoint and took my first class last week. I can tell that I will love doing this new craft. I purchased a canvas that is a sampler with a rooster in the middle of it. It's black and ivory and I think it will look spectacular in our house when complete. It's going to take a loooong time, but I'm up for the challenge.

Speaking of challenge, we are beginning spring break and boys are home and needing things to do. I hope the weather will be nice enough to hike and play at the river. I was hoping to go to the beach, but the house was snatched away before I had a chance to ask.

This is more of a journal entry today than a funny/cute post. Well, I don't think anyone but my hubby reads this so it's better that way...

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DMP said...

You really have to post weekly if you want to establish any kind of fan base. Groupies require a steady diet.